Thursday, 30 August 2012

Democracy and hypocrisy

Pakistan is a constitutional Islamic Republic where for 65 years musical chair of civilian and military rulers is going on. Their have been 3 military coups in 65 years and 4 military dictators have ruled for 32 years, Thus military had a controversial rule in the country so far and it is considered to be a threat to the political system. All the Political Parties in the country champion democracy and many proudly claim to be anti establishment, and accuse others of being pro establishment,In many ways their politics is based on Pro and anti establishment narrative. As is if this is the only issue of the country and military is the only threat to democracy. But just about all the parties are hypocritical about democracy they all preach democracy some more some less but non of them practice democracy, They all say democracy is the best system but non of them have democracy within their organization. Some parties have dictatorial organizational structure like PMLN,MQM and PTI, PMLN claims to be anti establishment these days and biggest thorn against anti democratic forces but its name Pakistan Muslim league(Nawaz) is enough to show that party is owned by one man who is leader of PMLN ever since the party was founded and all others in the party follow or have to follow the dictator of PMLN for life Nawaz Sharif, his younger brother Mian Shahbaz Sharif is chief minister of Punjab. MQM was founded by Altaf Hussain in 1984 and ever since Altaf Hussain is leader of MQM and for 20 years he is leading MQM from London where he is living under self imposed exile, MQM has never conducted intra Party elections and its part of PPP coalition Government for more than 4 years despite admitting time and time again that the Government is corrupt and incompetent, But still supports it in the name of democracy, PTI was founded in 1996 by Imran Khan and ever since Imran is unelected chairman of the party and PTI has never conducted intra party elections the party revolves around one man and that is captain Imran Khan, in the last one year PTI has not only welcomed many former ministers of Pervez Musharaff's dictatorial regime and leaders of his Party PMLQ in their organization but also given them leading positions in the party, but still PTI claims to be the odd one out the only anti status quo party which is truly democratic, at least I don't buy this hypocrisy.
On the other side their are some parties who have hereditary and dynastical organizational structure like JUIF ANP and the PPP. JUIF claims to be a Islamic party but for more than three years in the name of democracy it was aliened with secular and pro American Government of PPP which supports US war on terror and also allowed drone attacks to continue, Still JUIF is aliened with the Government in Balochistan and Khyber-Pukhtoonkhwa in the name of democracy, but JUIF is hereditary party where leadership changes on the basis of family background rather than intra-party elections, Mufti Mahmood was the leader of JUIF for many years and ever since he has passed away his son Maulana Fazl ur Rehman is un elected leader of JUIF for life, ANP was founded by Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan by the name of National Awami Party which later became Awami National Party, ANP also claims to be anti establishment and a pro democratic force and ever since the 1st day it has been the strongest ally of PPP government and it has supported PPP Government in just about every situation in the name of democracy. but ANP is also a hereditary party Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan was its 1st leader he gave away leadership of the party to his son Abdul Wali Khan and Wali Khan gave away leadership of his party to Asfandyar Wali Khan, I am sure next leader of ANP will also be from Wali family so that the hypocritical legacy continues.
PPP was founded by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in 1967 and PPP claims to have sacrificed more for democracy in Pakistan than any other party and it claims to be the guardian of the democratic system. PPP came into power for the fourth time in march 2008. and ever since it has broken its own records of corruption,nepotism and lack of governance, in four years PPP Government nearly doubled the internal and external debt from 6700 billion Rupees to 1200 billion Rupees,electricity shortfall increased and average prices of electricity also nearly doubled from 10.44 to 10.56 Rupees per unit, Profitable corporations like Steel mills have been drowned into bankruptcy in January 2008 steel mills had a profit of 11 billion Rupees now it has debt of 120 billion Rupees financial situation of PIA,Pakistan railways and many other corporations is even worst according to transparency international in 4 years of the PPP government Pakistan lost 8500 billion Rupees in corruption,tax evasion and bad governance,even Nab chairman said everyday Pakistan loses 5 billion Rupees in corruption in only three sectors of the economy,PPP Government worst ever, drone attacks have increased during the tenure of PPP and 1000s of disowned innocent Pakistanis have been killed with consent of PPP Government, average GDP growth from 2008-2012 was only 2.9% and inflation is in double figures ever since PPP has come to power, a US dollar was = 63 Rupees in January 2008 now its = 92.The hypocrisy of PPP is that it wants to rule the country at any cost but it does not want nor has the capabilities to fulfil the responsibilities which lies upon a democratic government according to the constitution, even self pro claimed liberal supporters of this government on print,electronic and social media indirectly admit PPP government has failed because they never defend or praise the government for its performance instead they accuse the opposition or the establishment for its failure. PPP leadership and its supporters use democracy as shield to defend the corrupt,incompetent and failed Government but PPP does not have democracy within its organization in fact it is a classic example of hereditary party where leadership changes through will rather than elections, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto gave away the leadership of the party to his wife Begum Nusrat Bhutto, She gave away leadership of the party to her daughter Benazir Bhutto and after the tragic assassination of Benazir her teenage son Bilawal Zardari was chosen to be chairman of the party and her husband Asif Zardari became co-chairperson and leader of the party based on the will of Benazir rather than elections. But Jiya Bhutto,Jiya Jamhoriyat,jiya munafiqat, jiya jahil jiyala.
The Jamaat e Islami is the only party which is not hypocritical about democracy and its free from family dynasty and personal ownership, The only Party which conducts intra party elections on schedule from national to district level its leadership and even members of the central Shura are elected its only party whose leadership has come from different provinces and ethnic backgrounds, but political opponents of JI and specially the secular elite fringe which supports PPP government in the name of democracy hypocritically  accuse JI of being anti democratic force.
The military with political adventures has made civilian tyrants siyasi shaheed,and allowed fake leadership and corrupt,disorganized,undemocratic political parties to manipulate the people of Pakistan in the name of democracy, But military cant be kept to barracks with propaganda and demonization as long as the political parties which are in power remain hypocritical about democracy and fail in governance as well the military will keep on intervening in affairs of the country beyond its mandate, and thus the musical chair of civilian and military rule will continue to protect the status quo and we cant bring the change which Pakistan desperately needs. 
so all those who want genuine rather than cosmetic change in Pakistan should reject this hypocrisy in the name of democracy.

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  1. Excellent analysis of miserable condition of democracy within our political parties who claim to be the champions of democracy. Its not only about election of leadership but also matters in freedom of speech n criticism within party, no party except Jamaat e Islami allows healthy debate in the process of decision making.